Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Books, Bath/Britain, and Beer 2023: Grog

This does not officially count for BBB2023, but I'm including it because I so badly wanted to bike in Bath, UK, but got caught up making sure my wife and kid were fine getting to Bath and could ambulate [more on that in the London posts coming up].  I should have taken the early train to Bath and rented a bike and spent five hours going up and down the Duluth-like hills, along the Avon, and through the nearby softly rolling hills.  Instead, I left my family in the town square on day ten and went to see what I could find uphill from the Roman baths.

I was super excited to find Grog.  I strongly recommend a visit if you're in Bath. They were really the first place I found that was serving local beer other than the brewery in London near The Shard from my first day.  Grog isn't a brewery, but they had a huge selection of local beers and gins.

They guy walked me through his coolers which were basically laid out close to Bath to further from Bath, so I went with the most local brew I could.  Great beer.  Beautiful shop.  You'll note this definitely doesn't count, even if I had a bicycle, because it's the same book.

London Day 10 Bath Grog Book by:

Back of the can for completeness.
London Day 10 Bath Grog Book 2 by:

As their website notes, "Bath store is expanded from the surviving wall of a historic chapel bombed in World War 2".  The owner, who I chatted up for a few minutes about the Minnesota brewery scene and distillery scene [and Du Nord and the George Floyd protests as they were proximate to many of my favorite breweries/distilleries] told me about the chapel, and then noted that they had learned that the crypt from that chapel was underneath their property and available to use.  He told me to head on down and check it out.

Amazing.  Looks like the microversion of where the Beatles played in Liverpool.  I joked he was going to eventually host the next Bath proto-Beatles down there and got a chuckle.  That is a seriously cool place to have a beer and/or board game event.
London Day 10 Bath Grog Crypt by:

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