Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: Arbeiter Brewing

 Ah, Arbeiter Brewing.  5/1/2023. Per the original rules, the exception when it comes to number of times I can visit.  I took a detour on the way there, so it was 29.08 miles and 892' of climb.  If I went house to brewery and back....more like 26 miles.

This is a Nitro Into the Sea.  A very clean beer.  Good choice.  And that book by Tamsyn Muir, also a good choice.  Hilarious.

Arbeiter 1 by:

The beer board.  Maybe some people are allergic to nitrogen?
Arbeiter 6 by:

One of my favorite new addendums is the artwork related to what to do about the burnt out third precinct building.  I was talking to my mother about it and the insanity it would take to reopen the original building?  Not "it would save money".  It's a black fucking hole in a vibrant neighborhood and a reminder of times that were so absolutely shitty that it took a murder to boil them over.  It needs to go.
Arbeiter 5 by:

Another poster.  Makes you wonder how the hood has survived without a precinct building for so long.  Place sure does seem more settled in some ways without it.  I'm not saying there doesn't need to be a way to deal with crime. But I'm pretty sure that old way is bullshit.
Arbeiter 3 by:

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