Saturday, April 22, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: Urban Growler, Bricksworth, and Baldman

This is a new thing I 'm doing this year.  Books, Bicycling, and Beer.  The goal is to bike to a brewery, have a single beer or the sampler, show what I'm reading [which should be different every time], what I'm drinking, and pedal home.  I'm a little late to the game and figuring out my ground rules, but I've got the first three listed here. Note that Arbeiter brewing is excluded from the one beer / one brewery / one time rule.  It's my brewery of choice, so I'm allowed to hang there although I haven't biked there yet this year, only swung by to work on a Friday.

April 18, roughly 11 miles round trip, Bricksworth in Burnsville.  A Slime Truck beer, IPA, as chewy as it looks.  Cursed Bunny is a collection of short stories by a Korean writer translated to English and truly....strange.  A bit of body horror and Ito in the mix.
 Bricksworth Slime Truck by:

April 14,  31 miles round trip, Urban Growler, the women owned brewery in St. Paul. Note that Bang brewing is immediately behind it, but the rule is one brewery / one beer, so I have to pedal back up there to try Bang as well as the other half dozen in that neighborhood.  This was the day/s it was 89F out.  I miss those days.  This nasty cold, borderline freezing, and overcast crap sucks. 

Urban Growler 4 by:

That's a Spring Fling Maibock in the mug.
Urban Growler 3 by:

I was reading The Hacienda.  Gothic romance isn't my forte, although I read a lot of it as an English major in college.  This was better than that because it took the format and overlaid Mexican War period and culture all over the usual format, and then applied all that noise to the house gothic style.  So however much gothic romances generally bore me, it added a layer to keep me involved.
Urban Growler 2 by:

April 21, Baldman, a few miles, walked.  So no bicycling, but perhaps "boots".  I felt it counted given I'm far more likely to walk to Baldman than to stop on a bike ride because it's generally on the way to or from somewhere else.  This was a "make up" because I walked before those other two, in March, but didn't come up with plan by that time.  That is a Hold the Line IPA that supports charity.  My wife came to fetch me, although the first time I went I walked there and back.  Africa Risen is short stories and very good.  I really enjoyed the one about the woman who wouldn't let the Christian men cremate her.
 Baldman Books by:

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