Monday, April 24, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: Inver Grove Brewing Company

It was too cold to go for a ride today.  I think it was forty something when I set out.  But I needed a ride and the repetitive motion inside is wearing my knee a little after I gave it a twist on a walk up a muddy hill over at Lebanon Hills Park.  So I targeted something within reach that I didn't necessarily feel was a good future outdoor candidate: Inver Grove Brewing.

April 24, 23.31 miles, just shy of 1125 feet of climb.  Pretty hilly for a short little ride up and down the Eagan hills and IGH backroads.

You can see my bicycle in the background.  I've got the new, super light, road bike.  But it's got nowhere to tuck a book.  Yet.  I may have to figure out how to fix that with a center bar bag or something, even if it looks a little goofy.  I do worry putting a piece of cloth across the underbar area will act like a sail.  So in the meantime, I'm sticking to my faithful sport ride.

The book is Little Eve by Catriona Ward.  I'm not finished yet, but I get why it has a Shirley Jackson award.  Family is the scariest thing, which is really at the heart of Shirley Jackson works, and so far this book drips with an unusual extended family situation that I can only assume is going to get stranger.

The beer....let's see.  It's a Sergeant Schneider's Reserve Hazy IPA, description below....oh, fuck benefits something related to Gary Sinese? The actor who coordinated the "secret" conservative actors organization in Hollywood?  Ok, I'm all in favor of military families getting charity and support, so good.  Glad some of money is going somewhere useful and it doesn't seem to involve his other activities.  And props to Gary for standing up for McCain for his service against the blathering/s of the former Yam in Chief.  I suspect this is the closest I'll come to a conservative beer in my travels around the Twin Cities area.  It doesn't surprise me it's in Inver Grove Heights.

"Oorah, Hooah, Hooyah, whatever your battle cry, we support you. This Hazy IPA named after one of our owners Veteran grandfather utilizes a Veteran's Hop blend from Yakima Chief. Proceeds of this hop blend go to the Gary Sinise Foundation.  The blend consists of Idaho 7®, HBC 692, Sabro®, Mosaic® and HBC 630 giving this IPA a beautiful citrus, sweetfruit, and stone fruit aroma. This beer has a delicate mouthfeel and an aggressive aroma. Enjoy responsibly!" 

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