Sunday, March 12, 2023

Sarah at the Aster

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I found out almost last minute that Sarah Morris was going to be part of a Women's History Month lineup at the Aster.  I was dubious I'd get a table.  I knew I'd be leaving my wife behind as she already had a conflict.  But I rolled the dice and scored a table for two.  So my kid went with me.  Weirdly, despite all the Sarah events I've been to, Aeryn's never seen her live.  I really should have made it happen at Hell's Kitchen over breakfast, as that's a favorite venue of hers.  Hers as in Sarah.  Although it's a favorite venue of Aeryn as well.  Amusingly, Aeryn had no problem picking her out.  She's basically half the size of Aeryn.  At one point someone else singing noted that Sarah is the shortest, but has the tallest personality.

If you like local music, I suggest checking out the folks on this list.  The whole event was great.  They all did one cover and one original.  Almost more guitars in the audience than humans [I joke, the place was PACKED, but ten guitars / pianos / coulda-been-a-harp too take up a lot of space].

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That's Katy Tessman and her son. I believe she did a lot to coordinate this thing.  Gave up performing for a while, but now her son is old enough to perform with her so she's back on the circuit.  Nikki Lemire closed it out and she does piano and harp locally.  Hell of a performance.
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