Monday, March 13, 2023

2023 US Sumo National Championship

On Sunday, we found out one of my friends was at the 2023 US Sumo National Championship in Florida, so we tuned into watch.  For over six hours.  At first I thought I'd only catch his rounds, but then Aeryn and I, and for a long while my wife, ended up watching the various weight classes, both men and women, as well as the mixed weight classes in the last quarter of the championship.  Made for a very entertaining Saturday, and I'm glad I didn't have other plans.

The photos aren't that good because I snapped them off the television, but still fun to grab.

Sumo 0 by:

My friend Justinian is on the right.  He noted that he was one of the lightest in his weight class and...unfortunately those of us his age know it can make a difference...the oldest.  I left out the picture where this guy hits him so hard he flies out of the circle and he mid-air and fuzzy and he looks like he's been knocked out of reality/the matrix.
Sumo 3 by:

You can see he's a bit smaller than his opponents in this photo.  But he said he was glad he went and had a great time meeting the other wrestlers and participants.
Sumo 9 by:

There's a full match here - don't worry about it taking six hours.  Each round is about 40 seconds of prep and less than 20 seconds of wrestling until you get to the finalists who can come to a standstill for ten or fifteen seconds a few time.
Full match

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