Tuesday, March 07, 2023



I've been playing Wingspan against the AI because my family doesn't volunteer to play.  I lose a lot. I lose so much.  It's embarrassing.  Usually I can figure out the AI methodology [I think Ascension cheats and throws your card killing cards to the bottom, btw.  They'll have to prove me wrong]. I thought for sure this game was going to be different. I had a great balance of birds played, food cached on cards, eggs everywhere, good goal numbers, and solid placements including wins on all the objectives.  Fuck you Wingspan.  How do I know your AI doesn't just say "Nod got 57; let's just add one point to that for the smarter AI players and win.  He won't be able to verify the points without more effort than he's willing to put in and does he really know when we played that egg or cached that food?"

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