Monday, January 23, 2023


Skinamarink.  I fell asleep.  Jen had to wake me up.  I'm pretty sure it is a horror movie aimed at ASMR folks and Five Nights at Freddies [FNAF] fans, of which I'm neither.  There's even a whole scene with the flashlight on / flashlight off moving from door to door, and Aeryn assures me the Fisher Price telephone makes an appearance in FNAF as well.  Although perhaps that's the clock.  Close enough and I'd trust Aeryn on FNAF over my internet research any day of the week.

Good on the guy for producing a legitimately different movie for only 15k, but it simply didn't do it for me.  Felt a bit disjointed.  The scariest part - how long Kevin had been in the house - had to be spelled out rather than revealed.  And the entity just didn't strike me as having a rationale, although I suspect that was part of the whole point.  I'd trust the audience score on this one, not the critics.

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