Monday, January 23, 2023

Hash House Harriers

This is for Kyle.  A long time ago, he, Adam, and myself had an adventure in Wisconsin that included hiding out in the Viking Brewery warehouse while a tornado was trying to spin up outside.  We were holed up with a family with a couple daughters and an extremely drunk running club with the foulest mouths I'd ever heard, and even fouler nicknames.  They'd been chasing a "rabbit" between kegs and breweries for a long time, and by the time they got to our stop, they were probably still trending toward fall down drunk before they even touched a Viking brew.  And the owner of Viking was not stingy with the free beer while we were all trapped inside waiting out the weather.

I was telling my boss - prior boss post reorg a week ago - this story as he's working on a half marathon and is into orienteering as well.  So today I'm talking to him and he tells me that he's driving around Cambridge, UK, this last weekend and he sees a guy in fox ears and a fox tail running across the road.  He immediately thinks, "This is what Scott was talking about! Where someone is the runner/rabbit and leaves chalk symbols for everyone else to chase between drinks."

So he went home to look up if there was a local chapter of the Hash House Harriers in Cambridge.  There is a local chapter.  But the fox wasn't part of the local HHH.  Wrong day.  He was just some rando in fox ears and a fox tail out for a jog.

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