Friday, August 26, 2022

August 24 Dungeons and Dragons Recap

 August 24, 2022

Days: 4th day + 2 weeks and 2 days = 20 days [Oleg out of training at 3 months and 19 days, or day 109]

After “The Anticlimactic Mudmen Adventure” and the “Muddy Tentacle Monster We Surprised Adventure”, the party moves to check out a glow in woody/grasslands area ahead.  There they find a field of grass, about 3’ high, where the man they’ve seen before with the glowing domes has two of them in the center of the field [roughly 100’ away] that he’s trying to position.

Hal, who was finishing up his ‘county’ music tour to raise money for training and has come in search of the party, appears on the other side of the field, where he’s oblivious to the party, although they see him.  There is much failed sneaking on the part of the party in both directions.  The man sees them and mostly temporarily ignores them until he finally brings the glowing domes together and exclaims success before stepping into the dome.  As he does, the grass rustles around the dome as something/s unseen moves into the field.

Dworm attempts to get a view via his mechanical bird, but can only see that something shorter than 3’ is moving around in the grass.  Ilduul climbs a tree to get a view, but can’t see much more.

Hal starts to move around the edge of the field counterclockwise toward the rest of the party and is about half way there when three 18+ foot long constrictors burst out of the grass, and another constrictor that seems to be almost 50’ long and is more reminiscent of a giant tree moving on its side.  The giant snake shoots past him and then doubles back as Ilduul nicks it with an arrow from long range.

The party rushes to Hal’s aid.  There’s a lot of biting.  A lot of constricting.  A lot of flesh rending.  The giant constrictor rushes Ilduul’s tree.  He attempts a burst of air and sound that temporarily saves him from constriction and then changes into dire wolf form to battle the constrictor.  Dworm manages to blend a constrictor from inside its coils as one wraps around him.

In the end, Twilight and Ilduul are unconscious and the rest of the party bandages and heals while keeping a wary eye on the still rustling grass.  Rather than check out the glowing dome, they head to town to rest and heal.  Along the way they meet the owner of the Tipsy Bullywug who’s headed home and expresses dismay that they didn’t defeat the mud monsters as he had a bet riding on them.

Ilduul washes up and rests at the Temple of Thoth.  The rest of the party finds swankier digs at the Tipsy Bullywug [currently 1 gp/night].

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