Thursday, August 18, 2022

August 17 Dungeons and Dragons Recap

 August 17, 2022

Days: 3rd day + 2 weeks and 2 days = 19 days [Oleg out of training at 3 months and 19 days]

The party heads back to Pendelton in Neyor to work on training up to second level in most cases.

Wing and Oleg head to the fighters’ guild.  Wing meets Git who has Wing spar against a fairly easy opponent to get a read on the skills needed.  He quotes 400 gp and two weeks and trains Wing specifically with Twilight [who appears to level up as well] and against multiple fighters acting as an abomination [a tentacled misshapen thing].

Oleg asks Wing for several thousand gold pieces for Barbarian training and, when he can’t get it, shrugs and yells to a barbarian trainer that he doesn’t have it.  The trainer agrees to use Oleg as greco roman sparring partner for oily barbarians for three and a half months as compensation.  Oleg tell’s Wing, “See you Monday.”

Two weeks later as Wing is finishing up training Oleg calls, “See you Monday.”

Dworm heads to the hardware shop to see Wilbur the weaponsmith who’s also a newfangler.  He has him display his skills and quotes him 200 in training and 300 gp in supplies as well as a swap of exploding bulbs for screaming bulbs [proximity].  They now glow and then will scream, explode, or both depending on Dworm’s configuration.  Dworm learns to make a small metal crow familiar and healing potions [5 gp in supplies per, one per day, can sell at 50 gp].  He works the store for a while, buys a stick [70 gp, has “Maria” carved in the side with what seems to be a wood burner, 3d4] with what seems to be a blender on the end of it and reviews the notes he collected from the farm: how to build the stick, ledgers for supplies/expenses, and some hard to read info about how to use a magic item and newfangler tech to open ‘doors’ or ‘passages’.

Ilduul hangs at the Nature altar on the edge of town where a druid comes and goes via various trees.  He tells Ilduul to make an offering at the altar and as Ilduul gets to 500 gp seedlings appear until he has 100 [and offered 600 gp].  He asks the seedlings where they want to be planted and they want to be a windbreak near the farmlands.  He starts to plant them and finds that for everyone he plants, more appear, and it takes him almost two weeks to plant what seems to be close to 1400 seedlings.  

Observations: farm plants are fairly dumb.  When seedlings are planted as windbreak they start to sing along like children much like Floyd’s Brick in the Wall II or Gorillaz Dirty Harry.  To the best of anyone’s knowledge, there are no cheese plants.

They search for Hal at the Tipsy Bullywug and elsewhere only to find that he’s on a multi-town tour singing Baby Zombie Killer and Pour Some Molasses on Me, which are currently regional favorites and hummed by many people in the streets.  The owner of the Tipsy Bullywug notes that some local farmers have been having issues with the swamp north of town and the party goes to investigate.  Sure enough…the swap runs right up to the farm land.  A bit swamp, a bit marsh.  When Ilduul tries to talk to the algae, half a dozen 3-4’ tall mud people rise out of the muck about 60’ away and start throwing fast drying mud.  The party is beaten back and goes to talk to some local farmers including Farmer Goe who are mostly fine with the situation as it is.  They farm around the swamp.  They do note that it interferes with collecting peat for whiskey production and they used to bury their ancestors there back in the day, although not in anyone’s memory since the mud people showed up.

As the party walks back to town in the evening, they see a familiar glow ahead, but not the source.  Instead, Iduul stumbles on what looks like a tentacle monster.  Although different.  And the party gets the drop on it.  A fight starts and they determine that this tentacle monster is largely comprised of mud and mud tentacles. Arrows don’t work well, but the blender stick and Ilduul’s magical waves splatter mud everywhere.

The party finishes muddy from the mud people.  Muddy from Tentacle Mud Monster [TMM] and in a mix of dimly lit woods and grasses illuminated from some source ahead.

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