Sunday, July 24, 2022

MS Ride Around Minnesota - Day 5

Two Harbors to Proctor.  The End.  It was a nice short ride, but a LOT of hills rolling through Duluth and then up Skyline to Proctor.  You could catch a bus to Enger Park/Enger Tower, but I think anyone who did that was still in for a surprise around the climb on the second half of the ride. It was in no way inconsiderable.  I think a few people traveled to the end and then pedaled to Enger and back, but I couldn't quite figure out how that was less hill, unless they were meeting a car at Enger.  Probably that.

There was one point, way over in this photo, where we were at the top of a hill in Duluth, and then they routed us down two blocks to avoid construction.  A nice little detour, but the resulting dip to get back up the hill was probably the toughest climb of the day.  It looked like someone had scooped a chunk out of the terrain with an ice cream scoop on my altimeter tracking.  I remember thinking if there was another 100' to go, I might have had to walk.

Ben, shortly before we got to Enger Tower and before we realized how much climb there was left.

The view of the Duluth Aerial Bridge from the tower.

Me on the ride. On the way to the end, someone going the other direction [MS rider] said "Hi, Scott".  Surprised the heck out of me.  I think someone was stalking me.  But you're with everyone for five days, so you do pick up a few names here and there, and you pick up a lot of the personalities sharing beer and music and pedal time.

Great ride and a fun route, even if it was challenging on day one and day five.  Thanks to Ben for riding with me and Forlorn Fenders.  It was great to have a friend along to swap stories and catch up on old and new times.

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