Friday, November 13, 2020

Not a Reading Post

Every once in a while I feel like getting back into not-reading posts.  Bare with me.  Hmm...I bet it's bear with me.  Otherwise we're going to have to shed some clothes, right?

So what did I do for my birthday this year?  Celebrated it a day early for one.  We headed up to the cabin to see my folks and took a bunch of steak, porkchops, and potatoes with us.  And some games.  My wife and kid took crokinole.  We learned to play it at a gaming day with friends last weekend and they loved it.  Then discovered that the board I'd had forever because it was the same board I'd had as a kid in the old farmstead home when I farmed in the summers, was a crokinole board on the flip side.  So there was a bunch of cribbage and crokinole pre-steak.  

You can tell we're in heavy covid concern because of the masks.  I literally used my mask between bites of dinner.  I was pretty sure we were all safe, but my kid bags groceries, and we talked to the neighbor to get Luna - the dog - watched, and the meat store in Osseo was off the hook with people.  Better safe than sick with all the hospital beds pretty much full.

I got a cool pillow case from my mother that means I'll never have to guess which pillow is mine again, and I'll know if my wife is stealing my pillow to use as a reading pillow in the living room.  Reminds me that I need to get mounting bolts for the bars to hang my cycling quilt she made me.

And I got a cycling game.  I told my wife Flamme Rouge was on my short list of potential gifts.  She got the expansion as well so I can play solo.  I'm worried that it's sort of pathetic if I sit around drinking and playing cycling games all by my lonesome, but I'm willing to deal with the shame.
I got this game

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