Friday, September 04, 2020

September 2020 Reading

I need to get better at more of a day-by-day entry system, because dang was this a lot of stuff to track.  I feel weirdly underread this month despite what is obviously a LOT of reading.  I didn't even include starting Little, Big right at the end of the month and some of Dying of Whiteness that may become a co-bedside book with The English.  And Lovecraft Country doesn't include that I'm going to watch the series on HBO because I don't do television here.  Argh...see, I can already tell I missed the Tim Minchin podcast with David Tennant and that was one of my favorites.  Drove me down a whole musical aside.  Or Cush Jumbo.  Sigh...  I bolded the four Tennant podcasts episodes I liked best, but they were all really, really good.   I think Levy's was the one I like least, because I haven't watched his series, although I loved the stories with his dad and his experience in the industry and life.

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