Thursday, March 05, 2020

Twelfth Night

Last night Pooteewheet and I went to Twelfth Night at the Guthrie.  Her parents were out of town and gifted us their tickets.  I strongly recommend the play.  The cast was great.  The set was exceptional and they used a mixture of raised metal rigging, hanging items (like a swing), slatted wood platforms, and water.  All those differences in material meant that when they were moving there were different noises going on so the usual silences in a Shakespeare production were hurried along by constant noise.  Parts of it were put to song as well, further keeping the pace brisk.

Acting direction was exceptional, and they did an amazing amount of characterization and interpretation of the lines using body language.  Twelfth is one of my favorite plays and they certainly did it justice.  It's been a long time since I was at an "upscale" theater in Minneapolis (well, outside touring plays like Waitress and Six (the musical) and it was a real treat what they can do with a lot of money and talent behind a classic.

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