Thursday, March 05, 2020

Touching Things

I was off work for three days with some sort of illness.  Longer if you consider I had a sore throat starting Friday afternoon when I was working from home and really only came back to the office today.  Plenty of working from home during that time, even extra, but at least Monday I could barely see the computer at some points my sinuses, eyes, and lungs were leaking so much.

Today that gave me some pause while I was thinking about being contagious.  I'm fairly certain I'm fine given usual contagion rules, and it's not a baddy, because I haven't gone anywhere.  But I thought about what I might touch that could transmit germs.  My first meeting of the morning was standup.  I touched:

  • the outside door handle to the room.
  • the inside door handle to the room
  • the light switch
  • the cord to the computer from the t.v.
  • the dongle to the computer from the t.v.
  • the tv remote
  • the phone and almost every single number on the keypad
  • my pen
  • a notepad
  • my computer
  • my mouse
  • a white board marker
  • a white board rag
  • a bottle of white board cleaner
  • the hand sanitizer
No wonder the world is generally doomed when there's a risk of pandemic.

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