Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Catching Up

I think I finally have a pile of photos all sorted, so I can catch up a bit.  And some books sitting nearby, and things.  But tonight...tonight I just went for a run.  Which was really more of a walk.  I picked up ZombiesRun again.  Eryn and I originally ran it back in 2013, so I qualify as a legacy member and get the first three seasons free rather than on a sub.  That's nice - because I think it's like 100 episodes.  That'll get me through months before I need to worry about what else I should run to, or if I want a yearly sub or if it's simply going to destroy my feet.

I bought some wireless ear phones and a phone arm band.  I don't intend to go full on runner, but I don't want an excuse like I can't hear in the winter without gloves.

But tomorrow I'm going to catch up on our Chicago picks from last weekend.  We took a short trip out there.  Primarily to eat.  But we also caught the field museum.  It was a fun trip.  Not as involved as our trips to Chicago in the past, but it's nice to know we're still capable of driving out there and back without falling apart.

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