Sunday, June 03, 2012

Warning: Not For Everyone - Coma Time

My wife was nice enough to take pictures of me right after the accident, in my coma.  She was of the opinion that if I ever woke up, I'd want to see the damage.  It's not particularly pretty, although at least there's only a little blood, a neck brace, and a bunch of tubes, and not chunks of me hanging loose, eyes missing, or large machines helping me breathe.  There is a tube in my chest, via the side, you just can't see it.

So here's your warning, again.  These are pictures of me in a coma in the hospital after my accident.  If you get squeamish looking at hospital pics, you might want to just move on.  But then again, they could be much worse.  She Says was particularly interested in seeing them, so I dedicate this post to her.

Mostly it looks like I'm taking a machinery assisted nap.

Closer up, so you can appreciate the head damage.  My hair is much longer now.  I'd just had a haircut.  Haven't had one since the accident and I'm looking a little bushy.  The bleeding areas are just some small scaring and only one cut has any sort of deeper scar tissue under it.  Nothing bad - it all just makes a matching set with my old forehead scar from having my birthmark removed.

Even closer.  She's going for that flea on the butt of a rat in the belly of a cat at the bottom of the sea metaphor.

I like this one because Stripe, the zebra, is in the picture.  Eryn brought me Stripe to keep me company and she kept the mini pillow pet (tm), Pattern, so we had a connection.  Awfully nice of her.  The zebra was later very useful for getting rid of my hallucinations.  I'll blog about those later.

An awful close up picture.  I'm more mortified about the baldness and chin rolls than I am the tubes and blood.  I once read about a woman who started a business to make sure women with cancer could have makeup and other services, so they felt confident while locked up in a hospital bed.  Found it...Look Good, Feel Better.  Although I don't imagine there's anyway to prevent a certain slackness to the face laying on your back passed out and covered with a few days of stubble.

Looking much better now, at least in my opinion.

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