Monday, November 28, 2016

Women in Coding Article

"For girls, you cannot be what you cannot see," says Reshma Saujani...

I think this is tough, because it has to be hard to measure in less than a 10 year cycle. I wouldn't think you'd see results, or even a trend, until a new cycle of students makes it to college and the career pool. There are some sharp...extremely sharp...developers, who happen to be women, on my team, and I talk to more of them in the new grad and intern college screenings every year. Anecdotal of course. I don't keep analytics. And there is usually a strong showing both in the Python classes I teach - although coworkers might send their female offspring more often given it's a safe environment and we're predominantly tech oriented - and the Hour of Code I mentor (and there, it might be that it's semi-mandatory participation, so everyone attends).   I'm hoping by the time my daughter makes it to the career pool STEM has corrected itself (with a lot of effort from proponents and mentors) in terms of women in tech.

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