Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weekend - Cabin

On Saturday we did a quick drive up to the cabin to visit all of the family for the day. It was a beautiful day for taking the convertible for a ride - which was good because 4 hours in the car was probably 1/3 of our time. Eryn, A (my niece), and I took the rentered waterski out for a long ride between the lakes.  We hit a wake at significant speed at one point and Eryn bit the back of A's head.  I know they're older now because they were more amused than shedding tears.

It was good we got our ride in because not longer afterwards the jet ski just sort of quit working.  Andrew went to town on it with a wrench, locating all the weeds.  But while it wasn't running, we tried to get it down to the landing to get it up on the trailer to take back to the dealer.  It would have helped if the boat was running right.  My observation to my sister about visiting the cabin is that I'm always fixing something: water heater, pipes, flooded foundation, myself (when I'm stung by wasps), trees, shingles, myself (when I rip my arm open on the flashing for the roof)...I'm sure I've missed many things.  Fortunately, this time Andrew was taking care of it and I could ignore it beyond fetching knives, tools, and making sure bolts didn't go lost.

Here's a view of my sister-in-law at the cabin.  That's not our cabin on the left - ours is behind me (the picture taker).  Way off in the water, that's the jet ski fixing convoy.

Panoramic View

Here we are zoomed in much closer.  Six people trying to get the jet ski to the landing.  Me taking pictures while moving back and forth between the landing and the cabin fetching things.  And my father at the landing controlling the truck.  Eight people dealing with the jet ski.

The live action exciting as you probably expect.

We had a good time despite all the mechanical issues and had a good dinner at the bar in Garrison.  I snuck out to do a little bit of Ingress-ing as there aren't many Ingress-ers left up there and the portals were unclaimed/gray.  I saw a Pokemon Go article that said there are 5,000,000 portals in existence out of 15,000,000 submitted.  No wonder some are in unfrequented locations.

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