Wednesday, July 13, 2016

MST3K Reunion

End of June Eryn and I went to the MST3K reunion event at the State Theater downtown.  I sponsored their Kickstarter reboot and they had sent me a notice it was coming, but I hadn't thought about it until I realized Eryn might want to go.  The MST3K t-shirt she owns and frequently wears should have been a sign.  She encouraged me to buy tickets, so we made it a daddy-daughter night.

It was an excellent venue.  We could see (and hear) well, despite how far away they were from our seats.  We didn't sit here.  We sat inside.

Eryn's not always pleased to have her photo taken.  As Mean Mr Mustard said, teenage girls seem to want to be ironic about everything, even if they're having a kickass time.

Inside the theater.  That guy in front of us snuggled with his Tom Servo rather than his girlfriend for the whole show.  Although Tom's head came off at one point, so I wonder if he was full of hard liquor.  The real Tom would probably approve.

The pre-show trivia was excellent.

In the outer area where you could find a snack, there was a costume contest going on. I wasn't sure if this guy was supposed to be Mike or Joel.  Crow wasn't subject to the same confusion, although he didn't talk, so who knows which version he's representing.

Dr. Forrester.  He had the look down, but I didn't get the sense he had the attitude down.

Our closest seat neighbor.  I'm not sure where he had these hidden the first half hour - you couldn't buy them - but at some point he pulled out his plushy Crow and Servo.

Eryn, a little less grumpy at having her photo taken.  Sleepy looking though.  The show consisted of alumni riffing on shorts.  We saw Mike, his wife, Joel, Dr. Forrester, TV's Frank, Pearl...well, all of them, including Jonah Ray who will be the new castaway.  It was a busy show. They covered several shorts, but our favorites where: Industrial Accidents (don't stick your arm in a great big metal moving tube), Is it Corn? (we can't be sure...but it's good for art), the perfect 50s kitchen (housewives manipulating their husband to procure large appliances, starring the dad from A Christmas Story).

Eryn laughed like a maniac.

We parked several blocks away at the hotel I usually park at. It was a good walk and we saw this painting of Como, which I don't think is nearly as good as the photos I framed for Ming.  And we saw a piano on the street which confused us, but apparently it's art:

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