Tuesday, June 02, 2015

My Tour Placing

I've been using Strava lately as part of the National Bike Challenge, so I can use the sync feature.  One of the things I learned is that it records your performance on "segments".  I'm not sure who sets the segments, presumably other users, but Strava gives me feedback on how well I did against my past performances on those stretches as well as my performance against others who have peddled the same way in the last year and ever.

One of the segments is the 53 feet of Trapp Farm Wall.  This is a very steep short hill kids slide on in the winter.  There's a paved trail and, whenever I'm riding the Highline to get in some climbing, I go up and down once because it's good climbing practice.  10.9% grade!  Strava told me I'm the 8th fastest person up this climb ever at a blazing 7.6 mph (not on a road bike).

So I went out and compared it against Alpe d'Huez on climbbybike.com.  Alpe d'Huez averages 8.1% grade.  I can only assume that this means in a Tour de France I'd place eighth.  Or at least 8th in the competition to be King of the Mountains and wear the polka dots.  And I'm going to consider it hors categorie (for Eagan) because, despite being only 53 feet long, it's 2/3 the way through the first half of the ride.

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