Monday, June 01, 2015

Farscape (with spoilers, although 13 years after the fact)

All these years and I've never seen the last episode of Farscape. The final season was aired so all over the map in my area that it was hit or miss trying to catch them all and I was never sure which ones I missed.  Keep in mind, this was during the VCR era and I was never particularly good about scheduling things to record (and it was preempted anyway).  I rewatched every single one of them and I'm horrified to get to the end and find (spoiler!) John and Aeryn are disintegrated and all that's left is a pile of crystals with a wedding ring on top.

I know they have to be in The Peacekeeper Wars, which should be showing up from Amazon in a day or so because I timed it for the end of my Netflix stint, but it was amazingly depressing to know that was the last episode in the series.  I named my daughter after a pile of crystals.


Smo expert said...
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Unknown said...

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