Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life

Last night I biked up to the Trylon to meet Kyle for the Trash Film Debauchery movie Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life.  Unbeknownst to us, it was part of their Lifetime or After School Special series - something to that effect.  Despite watching a Lifetime movie for two hours, it was a good time and a great choice on TFD's part.  It stood on it's own without snarky commentary.  Basic story: swimmer is in a relationship with a good Christian girl who won't put out until it's something special, swimmer meets other high school students one who runs a webcam, swimmer gets obsessed and follows her cam, watches porn at friends' houses and on his girlfriend's PDA (oh yeah, PDA), with his mom's credit card, gets his little brother and brother's friend in trouble for porn (Vigin Vaginas, the bootleg CD!)'s a spiral of porn!  So he goes rock bottom.  Loses his girlfriend, gets set up for beating up the webcam girl and gets beat up himself, gets suspended, his swimming performance and school performance tank, and he ends up face down bleeding in the unattended school pool before having a slow motion epiphany.

Layer on top of it a religious discussion (Green Day vs some Christian band and lots of discussion about going to church which culminates with the statement "I need to get radical!" which I would have never guessed anyone would have applied to church-going, ever),  a mini-morality aside about the impact of porn on a marriage, and a peer-pressure plot that focuses on how the porn spiral will quickly take you outside the realms of what jocks approve of, and there you go.

All of it much better in a theater with a crowd over popcorn and soda (and a pre-show cold press coffee to wash away the dust off Minnehaha road construction).

The worst part was that we were promised "I Married a Princess" would be next in the captions, yet it never came.

Kyle pointed me at this link I can't get to within my current firewall, but something awful is always amusing, so I'm looking forward to reading their take on it (and I'm sure it includes some fun outtakes):

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