Thursday, April 02, 2015


Tuesday was the laser tag and ramen stage of Eryn's spring staycation.  We went over to Grand Slam and I read David Duchovny's book about cows while she spent three hours laser tagging, using the batting cage, and playing skee ball.  The place was absolutely mobbed with children and I swear the smelliest ones (including one smelly father) felt it necessary to sit in my space.

Here's Eryn hitting some balls.

Not the best form, but she connected with a lot of them.  So good hand-eye coordination.  That wasn't always the case.

Afterwards, we drove up into Minneapolis to enjoy some Ramen (Dramen - half and half, black and pork) at United Noodles.  Best part about not showing up until closer to 3:00 p.m. is there was no line to speak of.  We got our bowl immediately.  I ate 95% broth and 5% noodles.  She ate 95% noodles and 5% broth.  We were both happy.  I took my Firefly hoodie off in advance to avoid any ramen splatter.  I learned something important last time.

I didn't have a picture of Eryn with her noodles, but I do have an older picture at United.  I'll admit to it, because that's obviously not dramen (1/2 and 1/2) in the bowl.

We also picked up some microwave/stoptop ramen that won't burn my mouth with the spices and a package of green tea Kit Kats.  Damn things cost $8.99 a bag.  Green gold.

And then we spun by Coastal just because I've always meant to go and never have (and it gave us a chance to put down the top on the car).  Seems like an obvious place to go for crab legs and sushi-quality fish, although we weren't in the market for anything at the time.

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