Thursday, April 02, 2015


Monday was Macy's Flower Show Day.  My wife didn't have any clients, so we grabbed her as well and went to see if the flower show was worth the fuss.  It was not.  I find the arboretum and Como both significantly more interesting.  All the flowers looked a little wilty.  I suspect coming into the show after it's been on for a week you get to enjoy flowers that are suffering the effects of hundreds, if not thousands, of people touching them.  I certainly saw lots of touching and bumping.  It's a bit of an older lady pile up there, with a number of older men in tow.  The women need their pictures with all of the flowers.  It's peculiar.  But perhaps that's what happens when department stores all close their photo studios (I was in Sears today explaining to Eryn where the photo studio used to be and how I got plenty of photo studio pictures when I was a kid).

We kicked off the afternoon at The Hen House downtown.  A very good breakfast.

And an amusing way of differentiating the women's restroom from...

...the men's restroom.

Here we are at Macy's and the statue of David, who changed floral patterns every few seconds.  As you can tell, Eryn isn't exactly keen to be there.  In the grand scheme of laser tag, amusement parks, state park trips, and board game excursions, I think this ranked lowest on her list.  If only the Betsy Tacey museum had opened three days earlier, I could have made her think back fondly on the flower show as more interesting.

I liked the Starry Night flower exhibit, although it was screaming, SCREAMING, for a Tardis, either in the painting or installed alongside.

I feel this is part of our daily excursion because it's in the parking ramp.  What are they trying to do to bicyclists?  It looks like a glorified mouse trap.  Hey, follow these signs to this dimly lit, locked cage full of dirt and various other things.  Put your bike in there...go's safe.  At least if you're under 7'0".

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