Wednesday, April 08, 2015

FFG Redux

We told my wife all about how much fun we had at Fantasy Flight Games, so when she was off work on Friday we took her up there for coffee, lunch, and gaming.  I think we spent over 4.5 hours there and most of it was because she was having fun (not that we weren't).  It was a huge gaming week at our house.  In addition to two trips to FFG, we also played Castle Dice at Dunn Brothers on Wednesday night (and took a huge book on the history of NASCAR to work as a gift for Ron and left candy with the security guard), Masterpiece, and Boss Monster.  Ah...and Dominion.  Two sets.  The shelves are having an effect.

While we were at FFG we played Cthulhu Fluxx again, three person this time.  And we learned Wasabi, where you order your sushi with extra wasabi points for putting the ingredients in the right order.  There are special cards for moving pieces around, stacking them, and swapping them, so it starts to be a real challenge getting the rare ingredients to stay in place on the board.

Here's part way into Wasabi.  Some of the ingredients have a single tile.  We tried to determine how many games are on their shelves.  If you go with a reasonable 10 per shelf and 7 shelves per case, there are over 500 games there.  I think it's significantly more.  An amazing collection including some Kickstarter-ed games.  Half the fun is just reviewing them to see what you want to play next.

We also played Get Bit! which Eryn has wanted to play since she saw it on Table Top.  What do you call the first player to lose at Get Bit?  Bob.

Swim faster little guys!

And we got in a game of Alhambra, which Kyle, Ming, Adam and I have played several times.  Wasn't my choice, so I didn't have to feel guilty about having them play something I already knew (and my wife won! She's the red marker).  They were worried because the rules were in another language, but I remembered them well enough to play.  I couldn't manage to get a very long outer wall to save my life which really ended up costing me a lot of points.

My wife wanted two pictures of her win as it happens so seldom.

Eryn picked up a copy of Werewolf for her birthday party and Pooteewheet pre-ordered a copy of Dead of Winter when I mentioned they'd be doing a reprint soon.  I better get my other games in before that shows up as I suspect it will be the favorite for a while.

I'm going to skip mentioning Saturday because it was a mix of taxes and Fast and Furious 7.  Eryn has seen many of the other F&F movies (as in 5, 6, and 7, the ones after she was 6), so she really wanted to go.  Vin did a nice job making it a goodbye to Paul Walker without subtracting from the nonstop action, although the idea of a full size military drone flying around a US city with the government knowing about it seems a bit ludicrous.  Ha!  Punny! Despite not being spelled the same.

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Pete said...

If you guys are ever there on a Thursday night, Sarah and I can usually be found! Not every week, but we have a small group we meet up with there a few times a month.