Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Power Reading

I've rejoined the Power Reading program at Garlough (kudos for getting your security and tech levies past last night, if not a new auditorium levy).  They were short on volunteers so I decided once a week I could read on a bus and be read to in turn.  The last time that happened was in 2004 I think?  When I was getting my MBA.  It's a fun time.  Both my kids (usually there's one, but I said I could handle two) are passable readers and both whipped out mummy books today.

At one point Kaiden stopped and said, "Where is your wife?"  I said, "Working.  She works for a different company - herself - so she doesn't get to ride the work bus."

"But she was here last week!" he replied.

"The woman that Jon was reading with last week?  That's not my wife.  She's a co-worker."

He looked at me dubiously and I got the impression that he thought reading with another woman perhaps constituted cheating on my wife. We chose to drop the subject.

Somewhat related, my first mention of the reading program on this blog was August 2004 (the first post I remember writing is the one with Eryn with a Kerry sign).  I didn't realize this blog is over a decade old.  That's a lot of writing.

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