Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Last week I hit piece of trash #5000 on  I count closer to 5300 (5,405 at the moment if you look at my list as I don't post anything that isn't a picture of trash), but the slightly skewed numbers certainly keep me honest.  I wish this shirt I found in the work parking lot would have been piece 5000, but it was instead a squashed plastic oil container from my neighborhood.

My original goal was 1000.  Then it was 3650 (ten pieces a day).  And then I decided I was close enough to go for 5,000.  Someone on Facebook pointed out I was 6.5% of the total.  Which is cool because before I aimed for 5,000 I was considering aiming for 10%.  But that was a moving target as I'd have to do 10% of my own 10%, and then 10% of cutting a rope, I'd never get there.

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