Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Razors and Games

I intend to try this trick of rubbing my razor on some old jeans.  If it only extends the life of my razor by 200% it will be one of the greatest things I've ever learned.  I hate buying a new five pack of razors.  Every time I'm at the store, I stand there staring at them pondering whether just growing a beard wouldn't make good fiscal sense.

Unrelated - I spent a late evening at work for board game night.  I was sure I was going to lose at Agricola and that Kevin would win, but in the end, Sean and I tied at 33 and Kevin pulled down 31.  I can attribute my score to a.) a stone house with many rooms, b.) the ability to feed my farmers wood, and c.) an occupation card that meant I wouldn't lose any points for not having a balanced collection of animals, land, and resources.  Unfortunately, I know where I messed up and perhaps cost myself the game.  The first time was when I took some food and a reed that I thought I needed to upgrade my house, but didn't.  A wasted turn that cost at least one point by preventing me from creating a field, and potentially three points as I was a wood short of filling three fields with a structure at the end.  And the second to last turn I didn't grab the first turn marker when I should have which would have sealed my ability to add an extra farmer, which would have been a three point swing in my favor and away from Sean.  Oh well.  Not bad given I started out by throwing out all sorts of minor improvements and occupations just to have fun and then built off a rather amusing start.

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