Monday, May 26, 2014

Polaroid Biking Camera

Ming got me a Polaroid sports camera for my birthday last year.  I'd played with it, but never on the bike, primarily because the bicycling season started so late this year.  Today I took it for a ride when I went to find a crappy movie for Eryn and I to watch on the holiday (I, Frankenstein - ouch, bad) and the ingredients for pumpkin/buckwheat pancakes or waffles (I saw a good recipe using spinach, but I forgot to buy spinach).  Honestly, I think watching someone else's 15+ minute shaky bicycling video could be construed as boring.  So I sped it up and added some royalty free music from Kevin MacLeod off Incompetech.  The mount for the bicycle is strange.  The mount can't be broken down so it has to slide over the end of the handlebar, not get clamped as two pieces.  That means you can't get it past the breaks and shift mechanisms and, if you slide it in too far, it gets in the way of shifting.  End result is it shortens your grip somewhat uncomfortably and you have to really reach around the camera to up and down shift.  I think it could be offset by getting grip ends, so perhaps I have to find the pair I've owned for 15 years but never installed.

Interestingly, my laptop crashed twice while getting the video ready for edit.  Apparently the machine uses enough power during Windows Live Movie Maker to draw something from the battery and it shuts down.  It's happened once or twice before running Hulu, but in this case it was consistent.  So I popped the old battery and relied on AC, blew the dust out of the vents, and it works fine.  Perhaps it's time to get a new battery and fix the B key while I'm doing some minor refurbing.

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