Friday, December 06, 2013

Birthmark Generator

I think you're just a bit too much into detail if you feel the need to spend $1.00 on a birthmark generator for your role-playing campaign.  And adding it to your wishlist so someone else can buy it for you?  I'd rather my friend spent some time creating their own list and saved us both a dollar.

If you really need one, head over to Wikipedia and use their list.  Don't use Google.  Most of the images returned are fairly serious birthmarks.  Not your run of the mill kind. You can add some basic percentages around the categories, and then just use a 1d12 if the birthmark is one that can vary (the Mongolian Spot has a particular location, but 1d12 almost captures the % for a mole accurately): head/left arm/right arm/face/neck/chest/back/left leg/right leg/butt/left foot/right foot.

If you use a 1d10 and divide by 2, you can even tie the birthmark to mythology or a character's history using the folklore area.  Rolled a six, so that port-wine stain on the...1 on a d4...left side of your face that's the size of a...6 on a 1d10...spring break tramp stamp...that looks like a......peace from when your mother saw a beholder while you in the womb!  You're lucky she didn't look in the wrong eye, but she's pretty sure it was actually blind as well as missing a few stalks. Lucky...but that crippled beholder is still looking for the one that got away and that birthmark ties you to it in some way.

I hope I've saved you a dollar.

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