Monday, November 18, 2013

Toilet II

#$$E%^#$@#$&(&*(%^&!  The toilet was still leaking, although so slowly it was evaporating off the bolt before it dropped to my safety towel on the floor.  Still, I could see the water level going down slowly in the tank over days.  So I did a lot more reading.  Despite the directions and the previous set up and the set up in both my other toilets and several online instructions, THIS set of instructions told me to avoid putting a washer inside the tank.  Genius!  So, from the tank going downward, bolt, rubber washer, tank wall, rubber washer, metal washer, nut, , bowl wall, rubber washer, metal washer, nut.

No leaks.  Not so much as a drop of condensation.  And the rusting I was getting from the metal washer being in contact with the bolt in water - perhaps a result of two disparate metals touching in a conductor? - seems to have gone away.  Interestingly, trying to keep the tank level was the trickiest part.  I ended up with a -1.3% angle.  It couldn't be helped.  the whole toilet is off by over 3%.  I'd have to reset it to eliminate the tilt and although I know how, I don't feel like doing it with the prospect of doing it a few times at the rental property looming on the horizon.  I'll practice there first.  Unfortunately, the angle is noticeable because, 1.) it's more than a bit, and 2.) the flat tank top is next to a piece of wainscoting highlighting the disparity.  I could tilt the whole bathroom a few degrees...maybe it already is, just in the wrong direction...but that seems extreme for toilet repair.

Close enough.  The bathroom is usable again.  On to the kitchen faucet.

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