Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

The new kitchen faucet went in much more simply than the toilet tank repair did.  Here it is, fully functional in under an hour, including the soap dispenser.  It comes with retractable head (powered by a weight on the cord), a pause button, a button to change it from stream to spray, and a shiny new finish.  The hardest part was scrunching myself under the sink.  I'm not sure what I would have done if I'd still been heavier.  Maybe my extra weight would have just tucked up inside the open areas.  And yes, that is a teapot from Stratford on Avon, Hemp hand lotion, a homemade ceramic bowl with a rock in it, a Marvin the Martian vegetable scrubber, and a gray wax submarine.

Unfortunately, the toilet repair did not take.  It's not leaking at all from the tank.  But I'm getting a leak in the bathroom ceiling immediately below the toilet in question.  The wall is open on the backside where the furnace room is, so I pointed a flashlight up at the water valve, and there's no leaking.  That means the leak must be under the toilet.  At least I won't have to reattach the tank.  I'll just have to reseat the whole damn thing.  I started poking under it already and it's loosely shimmed. I wouldn't be surprised if it's off the wax seal.  My hope is to tackle it before Thanksgiving so no one accidentally takes a dump in the non-functioning bowl.


My biggest concern isn't the sink or the toilet, though.  It's that a touched the tube of Caulk-be-Gone.  I checked.  I'm still ok.  None of the caulk in the house immediately disappeared.

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