Friday, August 09, 2013

Savage Senior Citizen

A newspaper article from right before my grandmother passed.

The Savage Senior Citizen organization began the spring of 1973.  In the beginning the group met at various churches with 10 to 14 members.  In 1976, the new firehall was completed with room to accomodate the senior citizens.  In 1979, the organization purchased the Madsen Hardware building.  The purchase was realized by a grant, their savings and generous donations.  The center is still open at this location today.  The center serves congregate meals every Thursday at noon, with coffee and goodies which are ready by 9:30.  The Savage Senior Center is an active group, participating and supporting many Savage activities.  Presently, the center has 60 active members, including fifteen over 80 years of age and four over 90.  We are very proud of our center and thank the ten members who began it in 1973.  Back Row L to R: Edgar Fisher, Sandy Ler, Elmer Inhoff, Normal Etzel, Bob Koeppler, Jean Odenbach, Leonard Odenbach, Vivian Reed and Frank Reed.  Front Row L to R: Madeline McVay, Luella Hafeman, Gertrude Chance, Melda Asbeck, Violet Ronningen and Pat Suit (Submitted by Terri Miller)


Anonymous said...

I am as old as the center.


Ed said...

Interesting post, thank you for sharing this with us!