Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'm part of the Community Volunteer Committee at work.  A few weeks ago we were supposed to hand out popcorn as part of our onsite corporate picnic/summer get together.  There was a baseball theme, so it seemed like a good idea.  We'd hand out bags of popcorn with instructions on them about how to record employee hours in the corporate giving database, encouraging better record keeping so the data is there to create better volunteer programs like our corporate matching and volunteer days.

But the company that rented us the popcorn machine brought a nonfunctional machine and we had to bail, although we were stuck with 5000 printed popcorn bags and all sorts of cases of popcorn and oil. So today, over lunch and when they were having the beer on the terrace event (a first to my knowledge), we attempted to use up our supplies.  Two beers drive a real desire for popcorn.  I spent two hours handing out popcorn during lunch and during the end of day beer event and have my first real sunburn of the season.  And a real burn.  I bumped my hand against the electrical connector that leads to the popcorn popping pot (say that ten times fast) and have a very prominent blister on my right thumb.  No photo of the blister.  It's gross and I'm sick of injury blogging.

Here's the cart.  Very ball game looking.  But it says NOT to use an extension cord or plug it into a generator, so that illusion of being able to roll around and serve popcorn is just that, an illusion.  You can roll it around, but not if you're trying to pop popcorn at the same time.  It's one or the other.  All that popcorn on the ground is my fault.  I tended to overflow the bags so they were extra full.  If you  had a bag, don't worry, I carefully washed my hands first and never touched my face, or anything else, during my serving stint.  I was very germ conscious.  Beautiful day for it, as you can tell.

My shadow looming toward the popcorn machine.  The spirit of volunteering.  What a wonderful metaphor.  Because I'm all about touching metaphors.

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