Thursday, July 11, 2013


I had a customer who wanted to use OneNote to OCR their image-based document and was wondering if our system would find it in a search.  The primary issue with an OCR-ed image in OneNote is that it stuffs the OCR-ed text under the image so it’s not directly visible, which means we won’t index it for searching.  However, if we did, this is OneNote’s translation of a fairly straight-forward image of a page of text. I reproduced something similar a second time using a scrape of my desktop, so I know it's not a single document, but a general OneNote behavior.  Almost better than Lorem Ipsum.

I do think jurisclirtion should be a word.  And otuplam! sounds very threatening.  Fcdkgano’r?  Otuplam!

Machine generated alternative text: 497 Wotior’ 10 disrnat—LGk of personal fLlcI%dktiøn—NO .,. lIA Am. Jut. Pl a.
t IA Am. .hir. ¡‘I. & I’r Fìrrn Fðt’i1 Practicr and Proedurc  49’
Àmcn..m Junspruikrwc ¡‘Iedinj aniI Praciicc krrns Annotited
I)atabt updated Apnl 2013
lcdcral Prclicc nd Irccedure
IX Mtion Directed to Pleadiigs
ft k,iioai lo Dim,widcr Kui 12(b)
1. LaU of Pcvna1 Junt’ticn
TosN Suiiini.iry k crn..cs Corniabon rable
§ 497. Motion 14.1 dstnis—(4ck of personal jurisclirtion—Sti minimum contiwt_%
t() I I0\ lo I)l%ll%% lOll I ( k 01 P1 k%0%l JI KISI)I( ¡14
(LIME 0W l)îcn,Ia.nt. /aamc’ afkfrnJrns/ md fiasn of coi poraw ¿Iefrnd an;). In and thn,uh their wtderugrwd ieTtiir1w’.
ai.d .‘ itliout i’ in uuI %pccitlc.dIv rciwring oy rtgh t may hjw tu okjee b’ the sulijetency of ptoce, %crv)Ce of pX%S.
proper rnac ur ILarIkjiçtiøn ot’thi% (onrt, tile ihi tntion ro l)rsm:s Pbnldrs mended (otuplam! lot Lack 01 Permal
Jsitisdction. and ix ‘roun4F wsukI h,is as h4lowx
I. This is an actipn for daniaires nid .,ijuncbvc rciicIalIcî3edLy h:iwd on fcdkgano’r oícauic vi ruïion)
2 On or about /dare of ‘u4. I )cfeirdants wc,c seti.ed ss ¡ib a copy of the Su:ninoti md C oniplaint for thás am:Iion.
. (in or about [Jtue o(rnukn to Jornis4, Defendant3 tiled a Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Complaint tir Lack of Personal
4 L )eretd.mI. ¡‘lame vi rvrpwafr Jefrðtdoøn’/ is a f.tarne of sf ate f, buineo. oc sied in frame vi Our;>]. [name O 310k ¡j
5 [)efeiidant. ¡nemf ofkkndan1/. ra the LmneÝ ci? fnoiu of cOfp($lf r aeieitdaflij and is a TC%i4kfl? arid d’micthar of frame
of •oitn1:j /nvne o , 147k’ 1),
6. flic Motion in Disri-isa was h*wd on P1.iinttff rsihc to aIk facts xuffktcn 10 insoke the frame of stoic .2j l)istnçl (.our1s
authority io .issert pcimonal unsdit-ism over /name ni sidle ¡j l)Ctrfl4ùfltS
7. IÀlendans Muiori ro t)l3niims is-as resolved h stipulation, and on or about [mIau- vi morion ro thmnsJ, P1a,ntitT tiled .in
.incrdcd Conip!aint
S Although ¡lie ,meuded Complaint ori!ains aiious aikations rcgardin pcrsonl w,sdiction. such allegations arc either
false lot maccurate %1aterItcnts regaiding l)cfcndaras’ contacts with the Slatc of/noise , iraIt 2/, ifany. and as such., are
flblIIfkICnI Lu vwarlant th,.s ••f exercise olpeiwiral 1itiidietiü,i oser the l)efcndants

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