Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bad way to start the day

I started out my day realizing I'd put my underwear on inside out.  Something you don't want to fix after you've been wearing them for a few hours. If for no other reason that it just seems wrong, despite being a clean individual. And then I got on the elevator while starting up my iPhone and tried to key my PIN into the elevator buttons before I realized it a.) wasn't allowing me into my phone and b.) was going to take me to floors I didn't want to visit.

Normally at that point, I'd be very careful about any email I crafted, assuming the chance of a sexual typo was just a matter of time.  But despite that confusion and way too much work because of differing time zones, I don't think I was a problem today and managed to get a good backlog of work done prior to queuing up a new backlog during my upcoming ooo.

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