Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I've been on a kick to unsubscribe myself from a lot of email lately.  One less thing to declutter and I only worry about the ones that make it into my inbox, not the spam box garbage.  This unsubscribe form was particularly enjoyable because, after clicking the submit button once, it disabled the required field for unsubscribing myself.  So either Apsalar is very clever, and they're actively working to stop me from unsubscribing while appearing compliant, or they've got an incredibly obvious bug that should have never slipped past testing.  Leading to the question, "Why would I trust any other software I might be interested in purchasing from them given such an obvious bug in such a simple web form?"  Perhaps they've rightly intuited that my unsubscribe is a tacit statement on my part that I don't intend to buy in the foreseeable future and I may be fucked with at will.

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