Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flat Part Trois

Stupid RunKeeper.  It doesn't keep track of calories expended riding on a squishy tire because your tube is going flat over six miles, but you're too lazy to swap for your spare and instead try to compensate for the mush and stop now and then to frantically top off the air with a hand pump before the sweat really sets in.  And you don't get any awards whatsoever for riding home Tokyo Drift style as you slide around corners.  I think Drew Carey would have given me a million calories for my panache.

More worrisome is that it's my third flat in about 300 miles.  The first one was a staple in the front tire.  The second one was glass in the front tire.  I'm not sure what caused this one.  Not just wear and tear from the first two flats as it was in the back.  I'm now convinced my tires are perhaps not as durable as I'd like.  It may be time to find two sturdier replacements before I go on RAGBRAI.  And I should do it before the weekend as Ming and I are going to try to have our rain day century.

Fortunately, Alan brought back the upright hybrid I loaned him as he bought a new bike.  It's my least favorite bike, but my pack will swap racks without any effort (not the case with my road bike, and that requires custom shoes to boot - ha), so it'll be good for a commute and running to the shop to see about replacement tires.

Unfortunately, I'll still need to spend some time patching tubes.  I'm glad I'm a little obsessive about hoarding patch kits.


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