Saturday, April 20, 2013


I refuse to be up to the minute.  It's a blog, not a Twitter feed or a Facebook wall.  So these are pictures from yesterday morning, just in case you weren't tired of looking at them all over your social networks.  I'd say it all seems to be melting away, but while I'm sitting here at Dunn Brothers writing and entering Coke Rewards caps for charity - it's exciting to be able to look at the window and see one of the two schools you're entering points for - I notice there are piles of snow to the right that still look to be about twelve feet tall.  That's bad news if you need to get some bicycling in before the Ironman, MS60, and Almanzo 100.  The 100 worries me.  Without a few good rides under my belt, beyond the Ironman and MS60, that's going to be rough.

So here are my beautiful pictures of our mid-April snowstorm.  Three of the four are of the back porch and my wife's vine system.  I took  more of the other snow-covered objects, but I liked these best.  And I'm hoping to put some hydroponic grow systems back there for vegetables if there's ever a grow season, and it's slowly falling apart, so this might be one of the last chances to photograph it before I change our back view.  The angle in the pictures is a bit strange.  I wonder if the accident has made me somewhat lopsided (usually surgery to your hip does)?  I'll have to watch for that in the future.

The picture without the table and chair.  Those planks in the lower left are remainders from the wheelchair ramp last summer.  I'm hoping to make them go away now that I'll have a summer where I'm steady on my feet.

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