Sunday, April 14, 2013

Life and Beth - II - Close to Home

As an addendum, I should add, it's not lost on me that almost exactly one year after my car accident, I went to a play where the wife is widowed and her annoying husband comes back from beyond the grave to try and run her life for her.  I've warned my wife that it was fortunate I did not die, because I fully attend to come back and haunt her.  But I won't be so blatant about the haunting.  It will be more along the lines of leaving extra Luna bar wrappers around so she blames Eryn.  Leaving cupboard doors ajar.  Hiding spoons in the garbage disposal.  Unplugging oft used appliances.  Moving things slightly here and there.  Hiding keys and sunglasses.  Come to think of it, you'd think she was already haunted how often she complains about those things happening.  It'll be nice to just sit back and watch and let her think I'm doing the haunting.

As a reminder to myself, I need to create a good haunting list and hide it somewhere safe.  I don't want to forget anything when the time comes.

(P.S. Mean Mr. Mustard.  I'm going to haunt you just a bit as well because your wife will probably assume it's me, but she'll blame you, and I'd hate to mess up her expectations just because I'm dead).


Larry Rubinow said...

I'm currently operating under the theory that you died in the car crash, and are in fact haunting me, Jen, Thomson, Ming -- pretty much everybody -- right now.

It would explain why they moved your stuff out of your office at work.

Scooter said...

Well, then be prepared for a pottery scene ala Ghost, but I'll have my arms around you while we type code.