Sunday, April 14, 2013

In Bed With the Law

I have found a brand new use for the old corporate books that I had on my bookshelf, awaiting modification for use as hidden storage presents.  The bed frame where the inner portion of the frame attaches to the support for the mattress is in part glued in place, and the glue has dried out and the wood popped loose.  Go ahead and  make jokes about a.) the glue drying up like my marriage, 2.) the glue being as old as I am, 3.) blue humor of sundry sorts.  I'm more concerned that it doesn't appear as though anyone has cleaned under the bed since Eryn was born and I'm worried what might be living in the dust and what I breathed into my lungs.  And the combination of the popped frame and trying to lift the mattress set while I shove books under there with what might be a bruised bone or slight fracture has made me a bit cranky and in need of another Aleve.  In case you can't read them, I'm currently doing home repair using the Constitution of the State of Texas and a tome on Domestic Violence.

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