Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Then and Now - Daddy Daughter Dance

I went to the Eagan Daddy Daughter Dance on Friday night.  This year, Eryn and I volunteered and took charge of the coloring station, setting out various drawings to color, welcoming girls and their fathers to the station, and making sure crayons were available.  We also did some dancing, coloring of our own, and had our picture taken.  Being volunteers meant we ran later than in past years and helped to clean up the tables and mess, but Eryn is older, so she managed just fine.  After the dance, we replaced the Daddy Daughter Dance photo on the fridge.  I thought it was the picture from last year at first, but turns out it's the picture from 2010.

Here's the 2010 version.  Eryn much younger.  Me much heavier.  Last year I had to ditch that suit and find a new one that was significantly smaller.  Eryn loved that cloth flower - she still points them out when she sees them in stores, as recently as last week when we saw them in the fruit and vegetable area at Cub Foods.

And here we are this year.  I'm getting shorter.  And thinner.  And wrinklier.  And balder.  It's a year for superlatives.  Apparently I'm getting shorter as well, or else Eryn is a bit older.

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