Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Young Me

My folks sent me a few pictures of me when I was a kid.  This is me at about a year old with my giant green bear.  Eryn has a similar bear my mom made her, named Bob.  Bob's currently missing his ear because he doubles as a trampoline for small children.  My own bear could not be handed down as an heirloom as I liked to share what I found in my pants with him by stuffing it in the hole under his red tongue.

Tonka!  They made them much better in those days.  You could carry most anything, including yourself.  My birthmark, over my left eye, is visible in all these photos.  I had it removed after we moved to Minnesota.  There were concerns about cancer or other issues.  Mostly it was like a particularly large eyebrow.  Gave me character.  Of course, so does the scar left behind after its removal.
Mmm...candy cane.  I was surprised to get photos of me without some sort of food in hand.  I think most of the pictures I've seen before either involve me messily eating something, or dressed up in an embarrassing outfit.  I've got one of those around here somewhere, so I'll make sure to share it.
From my birth announcement.  I look pretty happy in this photo.  And I think I look like me now, which is amusing.

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