Sunday, February 03, 2013

Axis and Allies

Eryn asked me to get out the Axis and Allies game from the closet.  No winner yet.  We played a single round/iteration today.  She told me she wanted to be Germany and Japan.  It's a good opportunity for some World War II history, although so far Japan has waited for the US to come to them and Germany is doing likewise with the USSR and UK.  I think that's going to work fine for Japan, particularly given the amazing number of sixes I seem capable of rolling and Japan's first round acquisition of super subs.  But I have the strong feeling the Nazis will be eating a lot of borscht in a round or two unless they pull a surprise out of their pointy hats.  I wonder if this will change how they perceive of themselves as baddies (Mitchell and Webb).

We're playing the original version and not the Xeno World at War version which I'm more used to, if you consider "used to" to mean that's the version I played 20 years ago.  A few things trip me up, like not being able to place troops anywhere up to the value of the territory, and how battleships sink after just one hit.

Eryn pondering the board.  The picture is from her new room. Pretty cool that she has enough space to set up a gaming table.

Counting her IPC prior to the horrible attack on Japanese ships by the imperialist Americans.  In their defense, she will attack China first.  They didn't achieve much other than a mutual annihilation of boats, but their focus is shipping bombers to London and aiding in the pincer movement to crush Germany.  So things can coast a little for a while in the East.  Sorry, Ming.  You'll have to rely on the Russians, though they don't seem keen to push outside their own borders.

And this is for Kyle.  This isn't staged.  She did manage to keep it through the round which is more than Bill ever managed to do.  I think she'd have kept it even if I wasn't rusty.  I took the bomber out, so there may be a chance to shut it down next round.  It may be a target for the American planes.


Kyle said...

If Eryn really wants to play up the aircraft Bill-style, she should roll for super bombers and then lobby to be able to land them on her carrier. :)

Kyle said...

(aircraft carrier)