Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock

This was for sale at Kowalski's today.  It was such an intriguing idea for a soda that I was compelled to give it a spin.  I'd never even seen a bottle for sale at Jim's Apple Store (the link goes to a video and you can see the soda shelves).  It was one of the strangest things I've ever had, although good even after a few minutes of consideration.  There are a lot of flavors mixed into that little bottle: carbonated water, pear juice, fermented ginger root (so yeast as well), dandelion infusion, burdock infusion, and aniseed.  You could taste the aniseed on the back end.

I like the description of burdock on this page.  Apparently it has a lot of different names: Lappa. Fox's Clote. Thorny Burr. Beggar's Buttons. Cockle Buttons. Love Leaves. Philanthropium. Personata. Happy Major. Clot-Bur.  Almost sounds like you're perusing kinds of acid.  Culpepper (nice tie back to Tudor history for me) says, "'The Burdock leaves are cooling and moderately drying, wherby good for old ulcers and sores.... The leaves applied to the places troubled with the shrinking in the sinews or arteries give much ease: a juice of the leaves or rather the roots themselves given to drink with old wine, doth wonderfully help the biting of any serpents- the root beaten with a little salt and laid on the place suddenly easeth the pain thereof, and helpeth those that are bit by a mad dog:..."  Wish I'd known that before the dog bit me in Wisconsin in 2011.
Fentimans had several other kinds of soda as well.  This one was interesting enough I'll have to try the others.

I found it interesting that this is basically what I was drinking, or at least half of it.

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