Saturday, January 12, 2013

Books 2012

My numbers were not nearly as good as the year before.  I was down by about 2300 pages.  I could blame it on being laid up in the hospital, but the time stuck home alone should have resulted in more read, not less.  We'll have to blame Minecraft and Skyrim and getting rid of satellite television which surprisingly didn't result in less television, but more.  On a positive note, it's got me recommitted to read about 50 pages a day this year.

11,735 pages.  Average book size of 366.7 pages.  Average rating of 7.28.  Down half a point from the year before.  32 books.  Largest one 954 pages.

Favorites?  I loved the Leviathan Books Mean Mr. Mustard pointed me at.  Eryn and I reread them out loud  after I was out of the hospital.  Tied together the pre- and post-accident periods.  And the Leviathan Awakes series, which isn't related at all, but is hard SciFi which I miss and usually only get from Iain Banks.  I gave The Rook a 9, but that's one of those cases where at year end, I'd probably bump it up because I enjoyed it so much compared to some of the other highly-rated books on my list.  Long Earth, excellent.  I didn't expect it to be normal Pratchett, so I wasn't disappointed.  Eryn and my wife read it aloud and loved it.  Eryn reread it and wrote an extra chapter as a school project.  Wool - excellent series, although the hype had me worried.  John Dies at the End.  Not a 10.  But it was what I wanted to read at the time and it's very good.  Just don't expect that level of goodness out of the sequel (which I just read in 2013 and didn't like nearly as much as John Dies at the End, soon to be a motion picture!).  Emperor Mollusk vs. The Human Brain.  I just enjoyed the shit out of that one, despite him stealing a bit out of my book before I've finished writing it.  Eryn read it and loved it.  I think she may have read it twice.  And of course, Tritium Gambit.  Written by a friend, but written very well and a great way to start the year.  I notice I don't have his sequel in here, even though I read it.  I'll have to get that into 2013.

Despised of 2012?  Flying the Face of God by Nina Allen.  Fortunately, it's a short story at a site that refused my short story.  That's not why I hate it.  It was just bad.  So it made me feel bad about being rejected.  The Strain Trilogy.  It just got worse and worse and more "we're going to turn this into a movie"-ish.  It just pissed me off.  Not original in any way whatsoever.  And yet I read three.  Guess I could have been a monk as this was sort of my own hairshirt for the year.  And Robopocalypse might be a surprise as many people liked it and it's going to be a movie, but I found it mostly boring, not particularly creative/new, and just sort of a waste of time.

Scotts Short List Current Year
Title Author Rate
Enrique's Journey Nazario, Sonia 8.25
Long Earth, The Pratchett, Terry 9.00
Leviathan Trilogy (Leviathan, Goliath, Behemoth) - REREAD WITH ERYN Westerfeld, Scott 9.50
Geekomancy Underwood, Michael R. 7.50
Caliban's War (The Expanse) Corey, James S.A. 9.25
Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse) Corey, James S.A. 9.25
That Which Should Not Be Talley, Brett J. 8.75
Too Many Curses Martinez, A. Lee 7.00
Rook, The O'Malley, Daniel 9.00
Oblivion Society, The Hart, Marcus Alexander 6.00
Redshirts: A Novel With Three Codas Scalzi, John 8.75
Soft Apocalypse McIntosh, Will 9.00
Wool: Omnibus Edition (Wool 1-5) Howey, Hugh 8.50
Confessions of a D-List Supervillain Bernheimer, Jim 8.25
Harvard Business Review: May 2012
Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon Ghiglieri, Michael P. and Myers, Thomas M. 7.50
Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos, The Greene, Brian 8.25
Emails from an Asshole: Real People Being Stupid Lindsay, John 7.25
Night Eternal, The: Book Three of the Strain Trilogy Del Toro, Guillermo and Chuck Hogan 3.00
Fall, The: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy Del Toro, Guillermo and Chuck Hogan 4.00
Strain, The: Book One of The Strain Trilogy Del Toro, Guillermo and Chuck Hogan 5.00
Gates: A Samuel Johnson Tale, The Connolly, John 7.50
We Kill Monsters Leone, Christopher and Laura Harkcom and Brian Churilla 3.00
Helm, The Volume 1 (v. 1) Hardison, Jim and various 4.00
At the Mountains of Madness Lovecraft, HP 7.50
John Dies at the End Wong, David 10.00
Emperor Mollusk versus the Sinister Brain Martinez, A. Lee 8.75
Robopocalypse Wilson, Daniel H. 5.00
Leviathan Trilogy (Leviathan, Goliath, Behemoth) Westerfeld, Scott 9.50
Damned Palahniuk, Chuck 6.00
Flying in the Face of God Allen, Nina 2.00
Tritium Gambit Hyrkas, Erik 9.00

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