Sunday, November 18, 2012

Because there can never be TMI

Looks pretty innocuous until you really pay attention.  Then you realize that brightness, contrast, and hue aren't really all that important when you looking at a cutaway diagram of the inside of my ass.  You might think, "Scooter, this is way too private."  But there were three individuals of two nationalities and three ethnic backgrounds in the room during the scan, and two others during the pre-scan check, so no matter how many people check out this picture, it's not nearly as personal as the five individuals who took a close up, in the flesh, look.

And this is a personal bit of vengeance for a certain someone who told others about the mugs they discovered out here, ruining my game of "match the mug to the recipient."  Look for mugs.  Find anal x-rays. That's just the nature of the blog.  You don't get just half the story.

I found this fairly interesting.  This one is the one where you can't really see the problem.  This is pretty much what everyone's looks likes when it's vaguely healthy.  Nothing surprising.  No parasites.  Nothing stuck up there.  It looks good.

And this is after they take a needle to me and inject hydrogen peroxide.  See where the little crosshairs are, lower right, if you compare photos, you'll see a solid white area which is where the fistula occurred (thanks Regions) and where they cut into it yesterday.  Pretty harmless looking for such a pain in the ass.

I wonder whether Mean Mr. Mustard will go to the trouble of photoshopping anything.  I figure he'll be torn. No doubt, it's tempting.  But on the other hand, he'll have to be looking at my innards the whole time.  Maybe he can crack jokes while he works.  "Did I make something so funny he broke his butt?  Of course I did, it's got a crack!  It was so funny it rectum!"  Hopefully that sets a good baseline so the only direction things can go is up.  Doh!

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