Sunday, June 03, 2012


I haven't really dreamed much at all since the accident.  At least not anything I can remember.  I suspect that having to sit up for ten minutes in the middle of the night while the sweat on the sheets dries, and then again in the morning, attests to the fact that I'm having some pretty good nightmares I don't remember.

But I had my first dream that I can remember since the accident!  In a car, driven by my dad.  My brother Andrew and his old roommate Steve are in the back seat.  We're headed to a DQ renowned for being a bit different and in a scenic area.  Right near the DQ is one of the great lakes, and a wood road that crosses part of the lake.  My father passes the DQ, considers turning around, and then panics when an SUV comes the other way, falling off the wood road into the lake.  We start bailing out.  Andrew has an XBox intended for Klund or Mean Mr. Mustard and swims to shore (only a few dozen feet away) with the XBox in the air.  My Dad has piles of important papers related to Grandma's finances (go figure what he talks about all the time) in the glovebox.  He puts them in a paper grocery bag and urges me to swim to shore with them. I look out and realize a.) the car isn't sinking, it's sort of floating, b.) there are big waves, c.) I have a paper bag full of paper.  The chances of getting the paperwork to shore seem slim.  So instead I paddle and we drift toward shore slowly until we beach right next to the DQ.  I hand John his paperwork and wander off to find an ice cream cone.

I don't know if Klund or Mean Mr. Mustard ever got the imaginary XBox.  They'll have to take it up with my brother.  And I don't know why Andrew's roommate Steve was there in what was obviously a bit part.  Perhaps because I always worried Andrew might kill him in a car accident.  I'm just happy I got my ice cream cone and I was dry.  It doesn't surprise me at all that my first dream is about a car accident, although it turned out better than the one in real life.

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